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Crete Property Uncovered
Crete Property Uncovered provides ex-pat community feedback, comments, reviews and related experiences of people who have had built a new house on the Island of Crete, Greece or improved and renovated an old village house on Crete. This information is presented for the benefit of Crete wannabes and others wishing to live in Greece who need to make a considered decision as to which Greek real estate professionals to choose.

"As an Estate Agent in Crete for many years I think it would be a great pity if this web site was to disappear. It is important for all of us that the property buying experience is a good one. In my opinion this web site only helped in this respect."
Comment by: George Mavromatis of

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Are you thinking of buying or building a house on the Greek Island of Crete?
Crete Property Uncovered (CPU) is the web site where you can benefit from the experiences of others who have already purchased their dream home on Crete, and how YOU can avoid making costly mistakes when dealing with Greek and British developers on the Island or in UK. CPU helps YOU find out which estate agents and construction companies have generated negative publicity and those which have been given accolades and praise for their service and are highly recommended by clients with positive experiences. Don't make an expensive mistake, return regularly, visit us here at Crete Property Uncovered, to keep up with the comments as they appear by those already living their new life on Crete.
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What Are Your Experiences Already? - Have you Purchased or Had Built a Property on Crete?
Then tell others (in strictest confidence, if you wish) about your relationship with home builders, architects, lawyers and housing project developers - whether these experiences have been good, bad or indifferent in building your dream home:
  • Did the Real Estate agent provide a good, honest service?
  • Did you see the houses or properties that interested you or were you taken on a wild goose chase all over the island?
  • Did the house that you had built, cost what the builder said it would?Or did you end up paying more?
  • Was your house finished on time and to the standard expected and stipulated?
  • How Professional Were the Housing Industry People You Dealt with?

  • Crete Property Uncovered is here to help you help others. By submitting comments and reports of your experiences in Crete whether buying. building, renovating or selling you will be helping to warn others of the pitfalls as well as being able to recommend great service if that is what you received. Any Advertisers on the site have received no special treatment and are not immune from comments, good or bad, submitted by visitors to the site.

    To view what people say about your developer or estate agent, or you wish to leave your own comments, just click on the prefecture (= county) shown at the top or bottom of any page - it is either Lassithi*, Heraklion**, Rethymno*** or Chania**** where your real estate professional is based on Crete.

    Not all estate agents/developers will have comments shown as yet in our CPU website, as the site is still evolving and growing. If you cannot find your Crete real estate professional listed, then still go ahead and complete an online form. You do this by contacting us at Crete Property Uncovered. Simply let us know the real estate agent/developer/builder's company name, and their location, along with your comments.

    Note: You will soon appreciate that there are a number of variations in name spellings in English for Greek locations on Crete. Here are just a few examples of anglicized versions Crete's four counties/prefectures:
    * Lassithi = Lasithi, Lasithiou, Lassithiou,
    **Heraklion = Heraklio, Herakleion, Iraklio, Iraklion
    *** Rethymnon = Rethymno, Rethimno, Rethimnon
    **** Chania = Khania, Hania, Xania, Xanion, Chanion,

    Comments, reviews and/or reports posted on the site are the views expressed by the writer of the comment and may not necessarily reflect the views of Crete Property Uncovered.Com web site owner.

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    Site Updated: December 1, 2011

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