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Cretan Traditional Homes, Chania (Website No Longer Functional)

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I can only advise: steer WELL CLEAR of this outfit - if indeed they still exist.
We tried with them three years ago and had to go with another builder to finish.
Interesting to see they still have the gall to keep a web site up and running - probably hoping still to catch some innocent person and squeeze him dry, then run with the money. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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Over 4 years ago we purchased a house with this company, still is not finished no electric, looks like a building site. Once they have your money they do nothing more, trying to contact them is hard work.They just fob you of with false promises and lies. NOT TO BE TRUSTED AT ALL!!
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We have been waiting for our property to be finished for 4 years,this company does not answer us, tells lies and has taken all our money, we kept to our side of the contract they did not, this man is not to be trusted he has rode on a tv programme in the uk which enabled him to take more peoples money. He needs to be brought to account for his actions.
Name Supplied
If you look at the code/ reference number for this posting you will see if it the same company/ estate agent. But this doesn't mean it was the same builders as this company used various builders. However, if you bought the land and if you paid the agent via your lawyer to have your house built then your argument is with the estate agent. You need to speak to your Lawyer. If you employed the builders yourself then the argument is with the builders again you need to speak to your lawyer.
Name Supplied
We went through a reputable estate agent and then their subcontractors for construction etc. We are wondering if these are the same subcontractors you are experiencing problems with.Our renovation house is finished but we encountered problems with getting water & electric due to planning permissions not being submitted after we had paid for this to be done. Our subcontractors were one Northern European and one Greek.
Name Supplied
We have a house in Drapanos. Still not finished, no IKA paperwork. Never again with this company!
Name Supplied
I entered into a contract with Cretan Traditional Homes almost 2 years ago to have a house built. I sold my home in the UK to fund the purchase and have been living with my son in England ever since. My house is approx. 70% complete but CTH seem to have abandoned the site now and do not return any phone calls or reply to any emails. I have made numerous trips to Crete to check on progress at great expense, but as soon as I left to return to the UK, the workmen were all taken off site. I was in Crete during the recent floods and had to witness my house being flooded due to CTH's inability to put in adequate drainage. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find out whether CTH intend to clean up my house and replace damaged wardrobes, kitchen units etc, under their own insurance (if they have any) but cannot get any response from them at all. They have had all the money for the house build up front, the last payment being made in December 2005. It looks as though I will have to pay out more money to another builder in order to get my house finished. Why are companies like CTH allowed to advertise in all the glossy magazines and sunday newspapers - they should be banned from advertising completely. Perhaps Channel 4 who gave this company so much publicity in the TV programme 'A Place in Greece' would like to do another series - 'Greek builders from hell' and all the people conned out of their life savings would have a chance to put their side of the story. GIVE THIS COMPANY A VERY WIDE BERTH.
Name Supplied
This Company no only delivers unfinished houses. they do not pay the IKA (taxes) which their clients have paid to them, this now means we have to pay ALL TAXES again to obtain mains electric. Despite promises at a meeting in May 2006, NOTHING worth mentioning has happened on the Mouri site. This Property Developer can enjoy his life and extended holidays in Thailand. Who's money is he spending?.Some of his staff are awaiting wages 2 months late. Time for CTH clients to Group and take action. If you have recently purchased from this company, DO NOT SEND ANY MORE MONEY TO THEM!!. Make sure you keep back a 3rd of the asking price. If you are contemplating buying from CTH do not go near them!.
Name Supplied
Where do I start?! My mother and father-in-law, who are in their late 70's, sold their home in the UK to purchase a house with CTH over 2 years ago. CTH were paid the money IN FULL over a year ago and they still have an empty shell of a house (if you can call it that) and have been living in a caravan since then. There is not enough room on this page to tell you how many times CTH have made and broken promises, not only to my parents, but to everyone who has purchased a house on their site. My parents "house" is now over a year behind schedule and I fear this may run on well into 2007. No work has been undertaken on site for months, despite promises from the new builder employed by CTH. If there are any TV companies out there who wish to film a "holiday home gone wrong" scenario, I and several others would be more than happy to participate. CTH should not be allowed to advertise in the glossy brochures as they cannot seem to deliver results. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.
Name Supplied
Do not even consider buying from this Company. Come to MOURI, Lake Kournas, and see the site (I don't mean the views which are gorgeous) and the UNFINSHED houses, visit their other sites as our's is not a one off!! This site was started almost 4 years ago and to date I do not believe there is one house COMPLETELY finished yet. BEWARE!
Name Supplied
Do not buy a house from these people. The worst in Crete - 100%
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