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Kritikos Ethos, Apokoronas, Chania, GR-73007

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Kritikos Ethos - What can I say but thank you to the the friendly helpful staff at Kritikos - Their patience knows no bounds - I am sure they must feel like hiding when they see me wondering what the latest predicament is that I need their advice on - I now consider them my friends and look forward to visiting the office just to say hello and chat and find I am always made very welcome - I bought my flat almost 3 years ago and the transaction was seamless and very efficiently handled with regular updates and advice on all matters connected to owning property as well as local information in this beautiful part of the world. I have no hesitation in recommending this family run estate agents to anyone wishing to be assured of straight forward reliable advice and information.
Nanci McWilliams
I consider one of the luckiest days of my life a late fall day several years ago when I was wandering in the village of Macheri, asking around for homes for sale or for realtors. A local suggested that I drive a bit further, and talk with Niki of Kritiko Ethos. She was the very first realtor- and I had worked with several other groups here on Crete- who seemed to immediately grasp what I hoped to find. As a Greek-American living in the USA, with a great love of traditional Cretan architecture, I hoped to find a stone, traditional village home- with great potential. Niki, Isabel, Bruce and Pantelis worked carefully and quickly with me, bringing me to the very home that I had hoped to find, located in another traditional village. It was a complicated place to buy, so Niki and her group connected me with the most superb lawyer I have ever worked with, Eirini Antonaki in Rethymnon, and an equally superb builder Kostas, of Exarhos Homes. Had it not been for these amazing people at Kritiko Ethos, I would never have found my home, or such talented people to help my do the complicated legal paperwork, and restore tbe home. The home was recently completed, and is spectacular, worthy of publication in a magazine! I consider Niki, Isabel, Bruce and Pantelis to be good friends- they have become part of my Cretan Family! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be treated fairly, and dreams to find the perfect home. This group knows what they are doing!!!! Not only did they find me the perfect home, they then connected me to all the many people and institutions that I needed to make my dream come true- from my lawyer and builder mentioned above, to a helpful bank for financing, and a superb insurance broker to protect my investment. They remain a good resource to me- I treasure them all, and thank them for all they have done. I now own a gem of a home in the country of my parents' birth! Thank you good people of Kritiko Ethos.
Name Supplied
Before our trip to Crete early last year (Feb 07), we came across your web site and contacted Kritiko Ethos based on the reviews. And having bought a plot of land in Kefelas through them, we are now more than happy to add our own positive review. But what can we say that has not already been said in other reviews....really nice people and totally trustworthy. Nothing was too much bother and extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of buying land in a another country. The level of support was and still is way over what we expected. Ten out of ten from us!
Andy & Sandra Waters
I spend three months investigating estate agents and builders and luckily chose Kritiko Ethos. The help and support (including financial flexibility) they gave me were far beyond what would have been reasonable to expect and far beyond what I would have received elsewhere according to people I've spoken to. They have remained good and trusted friends after nearly three years. Use no other company than Kritiko Ethos.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction in regards of the quality of service I received from Kritiko Ethos before, during and after the building of my house in Crete.
Many people I've met were suspicious regarding the Greek builders or Real Estate agencies, thinking that they are all dishonest people. Well, there are dishonest people everywhere, in my own country too. But there are many good people in Crete also, professional, serious about their job and at what they are doing. Niki, Isabelle, Pantelis and Bruce are this kind of persons.

They assisted me during the entire process, from the paperwork with the lawyer to every steps of the construction, with patience and kindness. They, most of the time even did more than any Real Estate agent would ever do; they indeed went the extra mile every time they could, well beyond my expectations.

There are many builders and real estate agents in Crete. Many of them are not even Greek. They will argue that you can trust them because they are from your country. But how these guys can have more connections than a Greek himself when problems occur? Would you build a house in China with a European real Estate agent?

A relation of trust was there from day one. Kritiko Ethos put me in relation with an excellent builder named Kosta Kouklakis and slowly but surely, my house raised. This has been a wonderful experience, and more than just a house, I also made great friends. If I had to do it again, I will not hesitate to ask the Kritiko Ethos super agents!

Richard Janicki
I would like to praise all the staff at Kritiko Ethos for their valued help in purchasing land, their support during the buying process, their assistance in helping us relocate to Crete and their availability is ongoing, great to have such friends all the best to you Bruce & Liz Vaughan. Emprosneros.
Bruce Vaughan
I can add very little to the praise of others for the friendy and competent folk at Kritiko Ethos. It wasn\'t the easiest of deals given the number of vendors that were involved, but they made it come right in the end - and they are still helping and advising while I find my feet. Very nice people - highly recommended.
A truly wonderful company to deal with. We purchased from them 3 years ago and regard them as our family. They all do so much for their customers, and are to be trusted completely. Everyone we know who has purchased from them has nothing but praise for everything that they have done for them. This is one estate agents that can be trusted 100%
Anne & Paul
Kritiko are the very best. In my 60 years and as an former serviceman I have moved many times but have never before received such amazingly efficient and above all else FRIENDLY service. It is now over a year since I bought & they are still helping me with various matters - imagine a uk estate Agent or indeed any other estate agent doing that! When I first approached them they told me that they were in business to help people find homes & to become part of their ever increasing family of friends & that is exactly what has happened. I now feel very much part of their 'family' knowing that they are always there for me & as a single person this has been particularly welcome. I unconditionally recommend them to anyone who wants an honest, reliable & extremely friendly service - they are the BEST and I am more than willing to talk to anyone who requires further confirmation.
John Wiggington

Agent's Right to Reply

We would like to thank all of you who have written their comments here, as well as all of our clients for allowing us to help them and for their continued friendship. We can assure you that we shall try to continue to maintain the highest standard of traditional Cretan hospitality. For without friends and family, what do we really have?
Isobel & Niki
These people are wonderful to deal with. They are very honest and reliable. We have had no problems whatsoever in our dealings with them, nor have anyone else that we have spoken to. They are warm and friendly, offering great service and lots of help. I would recommend them to anyone.
Name Supplied
These people are excellent in all ways. As well as helping you buy a house or property they will help you with all manner of things. For example, they helped me buy a car, invited me to weddings, baptisms and various other parties. Plus they are Cretans and what they say they will do, they will do.
A brilliant Estate Agents. Our property purchase was trouble free. They are very honest,reliable, and knowledgable. I would recommend them to anyone. Their after sales service is wonderful, and they have given us so much help and advise. We visited several agents, but are so pleased we chose Kritiko Ethos.
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