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Foreign Currency Direct PLC

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Monthly Payment Plan and Repatriating

Once you have purchased a property overseas or emigrated to another country, you may still need to transfer or receive currency on a monthly basis. Currency fluctuations, however, can make budgeting impossible. Additionally, the international transfer fees and commissions charged by your bank can make transferring small regular monthly amounts an expensive venture. That also applies if you need to send funds in the other direction -- back home.

With the FCD Monthly Payment Plan, you can automate your transfers and fix your monthly rates. This will not only save you money, it will give you peace of mind. The Monthly Payment Plan is suitable for any type of regular monthly payments; overseas mortgages, pensions, salaries, the repatriation of foreign income, or even simply transferring money to pay for the maintenance of your holiday home. The same applies for repatriating large or small sums back home from your holiday home/location.

Register with Foreign Currency Direct Here

How FCD can save you money:
• Free transfer charges.
• No commission fees.
You will know exactly how much money is being debited from your account every month. The entire process is automated and safe, giving you complete peace of mind. It works in your foreign location too to send funds home.

The Private Client Desk provides proactive currency dealing facilities for individuals needing to buy or sell foreign currency. Our team of experienced consultants will listen to your personal circumstances and suggest various ways of purchasing currency in order to minimize your currency risk. This will be of genuine benefit for those purchasing property on an international level, emigrating to a new country using a different currency, importing cars or those purchasing luxury items such as yachts, bloodstock or aircraft.

Forex Services, including Repatriating Proceeds of Sale of Your Property Abroad or sending Regular Payments Back Home - FCD Can Help!

Foreign Currency Direct do much more than simply saving clients money on the exchange rate. FCD offer personal and cost effective solutions for a diverse client base ranging from those experienced with international transactions to those purchasing for the first time and later to repatriate funds home, expeditiously. FCD will carefully explain the process and protect you from currency risk, monitor the market on your behalf and ensure that the transfer of your funds overseas is prompt, accurate and stress free. FCD has a wealth of experience in dealing with clients requiring foreign currency for purchasing a property abroad or those migrating to another country. FCD understand the importance of a fast and efficient service, which guarantees that all payments are made on time and are provided by a friendly but professional currency specialist.

FCD will:
• Listen to your requirements
• Explain the various strategies available to you
• Educate you in the process of buying or selling currency
• Run through the legal and technical procedures in place at FCD
• Liaise with your agent, broker or lawyer
• Confirm payment to any third party you specify
• THEN YOU GET a personal, friendly and cost effective service from your own personal dealer
• PLUS Excellent exchange rates
• ALSO Guaranteed exchange rates for up to 2 years
• BEST OF ALL - Free transfer of funds overseas

Click To Find Out More or to Register with FCD Here
logo Foreign Currency Direct
Recommended and Trusted by Crete Property Uncovered and its parent, Brits in Crete
as their Preferred Currency Dealer

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